Guidance/Student Support

Message from Mrs. Gomoll regarding COVID-19
While we are experiencing a school situation that none of us has ever had to deal with before, I wanted to let you know that your teachers are still working from home.  So, if you have any questions or concerns about any of the assignments, please reach out to them directly through email.  

Also, I want to encourage you to set a routine for school work and stick to it each day.  While we do not expect you to work from 7:40-2:10 on school work each day, you do need to spend a set amount of time working on assignments in ECHO.  If you can get into a set routine it will make this school disruption a little easier to deal with.  Also, if you have found yourself behind in any of your classes, use this unexpected time away from the building to get caught up.

Finally, please use common sense and stay home as much as you can.  Drink plenty of water and get outside and exercise by taking long walks each day.  

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