Process for Submitting College Applications

Process for submitting college applications

1). Apply for the college online, or via paper application.

2). Pay the application fee, if applicable.

3). See Mr. Gibson to request your transcript to be sent. You will need to bring in one stamp if your transcript needs to be sent via US Mail.

4). We are working on getting Parchment up and running for electronic transcripts.

5). Please allow 5 working days for processing of transcripts, 10 days if you request a recommendation.


Note: - If you are applying to IU, Purdue, or NCAA Eligibility you must request your SAT/ACT scores to be sent directly to the University or NCAA. Otherwise most other colleges accept SAT/ACT scores from your transcript. - If you qualify for an SAT/ACT waiver, you may qualify for a College Application Fee waiver; see Mr. Gibson.