We welcome interested students to complete an application.  If you are interested in joining New Tech High School in August 2021, please read the admission requirements on the previous page.  If you meet the admission requirements, please fill out the application by reading the remainder of this page and then following the link below.  

A 200-300 word short essay is required as part of the application.  BEFORE clicking on the link below, be prepared to answer the following prompt:

Working with technology requires high levels of self-discipline in order to be productive in this learning environment. Please include a 200-300 word essay explaining why you have chosen the EVSC New Tech Institute (improvement in self-discipline? growth in leadership ability? escape a dress code? overcome a fear of public speaking?) and include examples of how you have put yourself under someone else's leadership.

Recommendation: Write your essay in a word processing program and then copy and paste it into this essay box.

Click here to access the application.