Virtual Learning Days 

NTI Virtual Learning Day
To make up the snow day missed on January 5, 2017, the EVSC has utilized the Virtual Learning option.
Students will make up an "ODD" day (periods 1,3,5,7) by completing assignments outside the school day for those classes. 
Teachers shared the assignment expectation with students either on January 13 or 18, and the virtual assignment is due Tuesday January 24. 
Here is the message we are sharing with students:
PLEASE MAKE SURE to do the assignment – it counts for your grade and for your attendance. If you choose not to complete the assignment, you will receive a truancy that cannot be made up…and will disqualify you for final exam exemptions.

Community Partners
Below is a partial list of EVSC’s community partners who have offered their facilities so that students can have access to computers and... (cont'd)