Virtual Learning Days

Due to Coronavirus, we are unable to return to school this school year.

For New Tech students, you can find all Virtual Work for New Tech classes on ECHO.
Be sure to check your daily agenda for each class for Virtual Work.

To graduate, you will need:
1). Past credits through 7 semesters (these are classes you have passed in HS).
2). To be in good standing (grade of D or higher) in this semester’s classes as of 3/19/20.
3). To complete and submit all Virtual Work in all classes for March 16-20.
4). To participate in Senior Virtual Learning April 13 – May 8.
(#4 is a change from previous message due to new requirements from the Indiana Department of Education).

Mrs. Gomoll will call this week to speak with you and your parent/guardian about your graduation status. So far, only 32 of our 65 seniors have signed up for a time. Seniors – check your email and sign up for a time slot to talk with Mrs. Gomoll.

PLEASE complete the Yearbook Senior Superlative (most talented, best smile, etc.) and your senior quote. We’ve had this out for weeks, and only 21 of 65 seniors have completed it.
If you don’t submit a quote this week, you won’t be able to have one in the yearbook.

Beginning Monday April 13th you’ll have new Virtual Work on ECHO to complete, and we will use Virtual Learning through the rest of the year. It is very important to keep up with your Virtual Work. Your teachers will reach out to check your progress.

Please email your teachers with any questions you have. Look for Virtual Help Sessions, Virtual Math Tutoring, and other sessions to meet your needs.

Also, check ECHO for missing work – now would be a GREAT time to get caught up!
EVSC is offering free grab and go meals to all students 18 and under – if you need it, please see list on our social media pages.

If you need anything during the time we are away, please email your teacher or Mr. Gibson at [email protected] or call (812) 435-8805.

Also, please check social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) for information.
Stay healthy, stay calm, and we will make it through this together!

Special Services

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Physical Therapy
Speech & Language Services